wisdom teeth make stupid

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

my wisdom teeth are killing me, not so much the fact that they are coming in but that they are causing my other molars to cut up my inner cheeks and tongue. this, combined with the fact that i am a walking stress ball and even in my sleep my jaw is always clenched, and allergies impacting the sinus cavity, and you end up with a massive headache that kills any brain cells i had left after all that binge drinking and snorting coke and shooting up (kidding. really, joke). (but not about the brain cells. they’re still not functioning)(or the headache. it really is godawful).

it probably doesn’t help that i’ve been watching bad daytime television.

hmm. but anyway. i am very stupid but i wanted to keep up my goal of at least three or four entries in here a week so i guess i’d rather post about my magicmouthwash-requiring-headache than neglect this blog and risk failing at something that, compared to most of the stuff on my plate right now, is actually pretty pleasant and not stressful. mostly, i want to keep an archive of these years, because the more i read other blogs, the more i realize that it’s such an archive of life, so much of which i know i’ll forget, and i want to start chronicling this journey now, before i miss anymore.

so, a new entry soon, with real thoughts that are semi-coherent.

one love,



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